Jo Langford, M.A.

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Jo Langford


Sex Educator



1211 E. Denny Way #111

Seattle, WA 98122

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                                        I  have  worked in the  helping field  in  some capacity for over  20 years. From  peer counseling  and  student out-reach programs  in high schools,  to  hospital work  in  medical  and psychiatric settings.  I have worked with families of boys of all ages in both group home and community settings.  All of this experience has culminated in the last  2 decades with my work with  boys with sexual behvaior problems.


I have spent  the last  15 years  in  private practice  providing both individual and group treatment to adolescents with sexuality issues and  sexual behavior problems, as well as comprehensive sexuality education for teen boys and their families.


I am a Certified Counselor and a Sex Offender Treatment Provider

in Washington State.

Therapeutically my philosophy revolves

around concepts of empathy, insight, drive, social skills, and a subscription to something larger than one’s own, isolated ego.  


My style and Master’s training is systemic, which means  that I encourage people to  explore not  only themselves,  but also the ways in which  they interact with  the world  around them.


My personal mode is Strategic, meaning I employ creativity and humor in order to stop unhelpful patterns of behavior replacing them with more pro-social and predictable behaviors.


In addition to my private practice,  community-based,  sexual education  has been a passion of mine because it is, by its very nature, so integral in creating healthy lives for teens.

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To provide healthy social and sexual information to teens and their parents,  in  a  multi-pronged approach  consisting  of  live speaking  events, The book series - Spare Me 'The Talk!',  and a number  of resources for youth and their families around the intersection of adolescence, sexuality and technology.


I am a parent,  a Master’s-level therapist  and  Sex Educator for boys and their parents, in Seattle, Washington.  I am also an author and an international  public speaker.


For the last 20 years I have worked with teens, parents and professionals to promote healthy, positive and safe sexual behavior.


I use  information,  education  and  humor  to help families increase their knowledge  and  self-confidence  as a proactive defense  against  the un-fortunate consequences that sometimes  accompany teen sexual  activity.

Master of Arts Degree received in Systems Counseling

1998, Bastyr University


Bachelor of Arts degree received in Clincial Psychology

1992, NMSU


Jo's Resume' (pdf)