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Parent coaching sessions/ PTA lectures

for Parents of Kids 8-18

Help you to understand  why and when it is  important to have conversations with your children around topics such  as  Internet  safety,  predator  manipulation,  sexuality  (in general)  and  porn (specifically).  I also provide information,  tips  and  tools  to  help  you navigate these conversations effectively  and  with confidence so  you  can  help  your  children  make   healthy choices  as they discover themselves and interact with the world.

Parents of tween and teen boys! Join Amy Lang and me

for a primer around the statistical reality of porn and our kids.


Let us tell you:

•What your kid and his friends are experiencing

•Why, as parents, we need to step in

•How to set rules and start conversations

You’ve started the talks about their changing bodies...

…, what happens next?


Parents of boys aged 11-14, join me for a talk about the talks after the talks.


•The statistical reality around tween/teen sexual behavior

•What your kids are NOT going to learn in school

•Tips and tools so you can start these important conversations

Dealing with bias, fear and grief in order to give your kids the space and resources to figure out who they are.


How to be the best parent you can be if your kid is (or might be) gay.

Join me for an honest and humorous talk to discuss and ask questions about:

•The differences between Sex, Gender and Orientation

•The coming out process for you as well as your child

•Dealing with Friends and Family


•Sex-Ed on the other side of the fence

And other conversations you might never have thought you’d have to have.


It Gets Better, …but the how and the when of “It” starts with you.

A discussion around what we, as parents, can do to lessen the chances of our families falling victim to the predators we encounter everyday.


This is NOT a talk about Stranger Danger!  Learn the statistics and Characteristics of predators and vulnerable children, including;

•How “Those guys” do what they do.

•Who they look for in victims.

•What to do about it.

Parents of kids (8-18) join me for an important talk about technology, Internet Safety  and your kids, including:

•An overview of teen behavior in a digital age; The risks and benefits of online life

•The Three Big Bads: Porn, Sexting and Cyberbullying

•How to balance out your child’s digital life with boundaries, etiquette and good judgment.


Let me help you fill the gaps otherwise filled by misinformed peers, pop culture or the school system.


Walk away with facts and tools to conduct conversations in your family. Empower yourselves, empower your kids.


Each participant will receive guidelines for house rules and a copy of my template family Contract for Responsible Internet Use.

Internet Safety for Families: Boys and Porn

(or, The Mystery of the Gigantic Water Bill)

An Intro to Defensive Sexuality:

Teaching Yor Kid How To Drive Their Life

"My Kid Is/ Might Be Gay."

(A Guide for Parents of Queer/ish Kids)

Predators, Prey and Parents

The 3 Big Bads;

(What all modern parents need to know about

 Porn, Sexting Cyberbullying)

                            The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Over a dozen social networking sites and apps you need to know about... (and at least three you wish you hadn't).

Don't know if MySpace is still a thing? Not very comfortable with the Twitter? Never heard of Snapchat or "Penis Roulette"? (Do NOT Google that) come join me and  get a little smarter about social media.


Let me explain:

•The Risks and benefits of social networking.

•The most popular social medias sites for kids.

•How to set rules and help them navigate them safely and smartly.

The Middle School Survival Guide!




Join me, Sheri Gazitt (Teenwise), Kim Estes (Savvy Parents/ Safe Kids), Amy Lang (Birds+Bees+Kids) and Yvonne-Monique Avila (Parent Tool School), in an afternoon of Ted Talk-style talks to help you (and your Tween) navigate middle school!


Learn more, check upcoming dates and get tickets here!