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Seminars, Keynotes 

& Training opportunities 

for Professionals & agency staff

around sexuality and youth issues for  responsible adults involved in  young people's lives; therapists, edcuators and other helping professionals.

A primer on the behavior and characteristics of children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems, and the unique dynamics involved in working with them in professional and school settings. Real world information, best practices, perspective and hope regarding an admittedly, concern-inducing population.


  • An overview of childhood and adolescent sexual development.

  • •Normative vs. inappropriate sexual behavior in children.

  • The development of sexual behavior problems.

  • The spectrum of behavioral concerns.

  • Profiles of both offenders and victims.

  • Laws, legal issues and language.

  • Boundaries and dealing with the manipulative personality.

  • •An overview of the treatment process, and best practices for intervention and reducing recidivism.

  • •Secondary trauma and self-care.

Despite our skills and best intentions, many professionals from pediatricians to therapists to school administrators and foster parents find themselves uncomfortable and uninformed when it comes to meeting the unique needs of not straight/ cis  clients.


In this talk, we will:

  • Discuss not-straight culture

  • Navigate keeping up with cultural issues, changes and mores

  • Review and define current terminology and lingo

  • Explore prejudice, bias and stereotypes and 'phobias

  • Learn ways to affirm LGBTQ youth, and to intervene around bullying and harassment

  • Become a source of support for queer clients and show them evidence of inclusion and safety in our offices

  • Explore some of the unique dynamics involved in serving queer populations.

  • Outline guidelines for best practices

  • Increase your comfort level

  • Talk about self-care

  • PLUS some fun, pop-culture quizzes along the way!

Sexual Behavior Problems in Youth


(Listening, Good Boundaries &  Treatment of Queer)



An important discussion for professionals

around how to best serve LGBT youth.

A chance for professionals working with youth to get a bit more savvy about social media and the digital culture in which our t/ween students/ clients are immersed.


  • An overview of T/ween behavior both risks and  benefits

  • A dozen social media sites explained; The Good, The bad and the Ugly

  • A primer on the 3 Big bads; Sexting, Cyberbullying and Porn

Digital Safety 101 (for practitioners)

Human Sexuality

An overview of

normative sexual development

across the life span:

  • Behavior, relationships and health from childhood to old age.

  • Exloring gender and generational spectrums.

  • Identity, orientation and expression explained.

  • Common presenting problems with regard to sexuality.

  • Best practices.

Supporting Parents of LGBTQ Youth


How to support parents in looking at the world differently

& advocating for their family

in ways they perhaps never planned to.

There ARE unique dynamics in parenting a GLBTQ child, and it can be an enormous gift to help parents (the well-intentioned, the overwhelmed and the uninformed) to support a queer child.


In this training we will

  • Cover the concepts of spectrum, and sex and gender development and expression.

  • Learn about trans youth, transition and its impact on the child as well as their family.

  • Identify best practices for helping parents to create safe spaces  and identify and utilize resources.

  • Discuss typical parenting challenges, and common presenting problems.

  • Explore self-care, inclusive offices and resources for you!