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Jo Langford


Sex Educator



1211 E. Denny Way #111

Seattle, WA 98122

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Trainings, Seminars & Keynotes

for Professionals & agency staff


Providing training oportunities around sexuality and youth issues for other responsible adults involved in  young people's lives; teachers, schools, communty groups and other therapists.

A Primer on the behavior and characteristics of teen offenders, their targets and those who interact with them.


•Profiles and typologies of sexual offenders.

•Normative vs. inappropriate sexual behavior in children.

•The Inadequate personality.

•Manipulation, maintenance behaviors and thinking errors.

•An overview of the treatment process.

•Secondary trauma and self-care.

Exploring queer youth philosophy and behavior.

An important discussion for professionals around how to best serve LGBTQ kids.


•Discussing not-straight culture

•Defining terms


•Exploring how our own biases can negatively impact the youth we work with and our own self-care.

Youth Who Act Out Sexually


(Listening, Good Boundaries &  Treatment of Queer) KIDS

A chance for professionals working with youth to get a bit more savvy about social media and the digital culture in which our t/ween students/ clients are immersed.


An overview of T/ween behavior both risks and  benefits

A dozen sociial media sites explained; The Good, The bad and the Ugly

A primer on the 3 Big bads; Sexting, Cyberbullying and Porn

Digital Safety 101 (for professionals)