Jo Langford, M.A.

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Jo Langford


Sex Educator



1211 E. Denny Way #111

Seattle, WA 98122

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Classes for Youth ages 10-22

Helping everyone from middle school to college take  sexual behavior  seriously, and have fun along the way while doing as little harm to themselves and others as possible.

Youth aged 12-18, join me for a talk about the rules and consequences of sexual behavior in Washington State - What is legal, what is not, and how to NOT get charged with a sex offense.


The age rules.

Defining terms.

How to make sure you do not cross the lines.

A body image talk for boys, including Blue Balls, Boner Shame, Boylemia, and more!


Join me for a frank and funny, question-and-answer conversation about what happens AFTER the puberty talks--your body, what to with it and how you interact with others.

Hardly anyone is taught how to ask someone out or to let someone know you are (or aren't) interested.


Join me for an afternoon hat can change all of that--A course in flirting and relationships in a digital age.


Featuring conversation and oportunities for questions

•First date rules

•Break up guidelines (the 6 things everyone needs to know)

•The Recipe for Small Talk

•How to know if a relationship is good for you

•Communication skills

•Techno-flirting and sexting: the Do’s and the Do Not’s

How to balance out your digital life with



•Good judgment.


Internet safety, smartphone guidelines and social media dynamics.

From Flirting to Felony:

The Sexual Behavior Laws in Washington State

The 10 Things You Don't Know About Your Body

Flirting 101

Exposure, Exploitation and The Web

A Talk about the Risks and Benefits of Online Life

An anti-Rape Culture curriculum for athletic programs, fraternities and dorms. (Including both middle school and college versions)


•The intersection of sex and technology-There are no protective cups online!

•Don’t be “That Guy”: 12 things every guy can do to avoid rape culture

•The dynamics of teamwork vs. bystanding-what Watch Your Back actually means

•Primers on consent, victim-awareness and future-thinking

Sexual Violence Education

(how to NOT be 'That Guy')