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(Free) Downloads:

This  ready-to-go  template

will help you and your t/ween get off to a responsible start with their first smartphone.

Guidelines for Responsible Smartphone Usage

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Guidelines for Online Responsibility

A customizable family template that will help you and your family get clear about what is OK and not-OK with regard to the Internet.

Download the Guide

Safer Sexting Guidelines

Download the Guide

Guidelines for Responsible Social Networking

A list of manners and other forms of "Netiquette" to help you and your family develop and maintain the social skills you have offline, online as well.

Download the Guide

Guidelines for a Safer / Healthier Sexual Life

Stop Cyberbullying: A Guide

Guidelines for Online Gaming

A guide to avoiding the sometimes unfortunate consequences that accompany sexual activity.

      A list of tips and ideas to help you deal with (and avoid causing)  drama and trauma  online.

The hows and whys

to playing as smart and safe online as you do in real life!

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Porn. The Guide to a Healthly "Grab-It Habit"

Tips for making sure the pornography

you consume does not warp your values, self-esteem or behavior.

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How to Drink Like a Grown-Up:

A Ridiculously-Detailed Guide.

If and when you drink, this ridiculously-detailed guide will help you  keep it a healthy, balanced and responsible part of an ADULT lifestyle.

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Ethical Marijuana Use 101

        If/ how/ when you consume legalized pot,

this guide will help keep your use as principled

and not-stupid as possible.

Download the Guide