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Maybe you didn’t get the whole conversation from your OWN parents…


Maybe you worry your kids are more tech-savvy than you…


Maybe you want to be having “The Talk” but just don’t know how…

Words like “Media”, “Birth Control”, “Porn” and even “Sex” have different meanings than they did a generation ago...  


“Friend” is now a verb.


“Oral” is now a noun.


•Somewhere around 300,000 of you

may become grandparents before your child graduates high school.*

•Approximately half of your kids are already sexually active in some way.*

•A quarter of those children of have gotten an STI.*

•33% of your children received an aggressive online solicitation from an online predator in the last year.*

•One out of every five of your kids has sent a picture of his penis to someone over telephone lines.*

Let  me use my  two decades of experience  working with teens to give you the information you need to help your  children make informed decisions and  have  the  tools  to go at sex and sexuality with a sense of confidence  and  seriousness - having fun along the way,  while doing as little harm  to themselves and their peers as possible.

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The National Campaign To Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. 2008. Sex and Tech: Results From a Survey of Teens and Young Adults. (Accessed August 2011).


If you are the parent of an American teen,

Talking to your kid about sex and tech and sexuality is hard!

Contact me to schedule your OWN talk!

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