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Unflinchingly honest, unfailingly complete, immensely readable (and often funny),

Spare Me the Talk! is the first book of its kind

by a male

for girls ages 12-24

and for parents of girls as young as 8.

The FIRST book featuring information and tools specifically for young women and their parents, written by a man!




A breakdown of the statistical reality around current teen sexual behavior--what today's teens are actually doing!


A primer on abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education.


An overview of teen sexual activity in a digital age.


Detailed  guidelines regarding sexual health and Internet safety.


The 7 things that comprise responsible social/ dating interactions.


Factors that impact choices (abstinece AND indulgence).


Dating and communication skills.


Tips on avoiding "Like Culture".


Straightforward, girl-specifc information about sexual health, safety and care.


A special section specifcally written for parents!

"This book is your insurance policy that you are providing your daughter with the vital information she needs for sexual health and safety."


Laura Kastner, Ph.D.

Author of Getting to Calm and Wise-Minded Parenting


“If you are worried about your daughter's ability to navigate the modern world of sexuality, offer her this book and give her what she needs to make great choices. With a healthy dose of humor and practical, real-world advice and tips, this book will give teen girls a leg up when it comes to amking decisions about sex."


Amy Lang, M.A.

Author of Dating Smarts: What Every Teen needs to Know to Date, Relate or Wait.


"This book goes well beyond the basic birds-and-bees conversation you had with your tween. Do you want them taking thier questions about sex to their friends or the Internet? Or a book that you can BOTH use, that has a solid, factual information witha focus on health? I thought so. Me, too."


Shannan Younger

Tween Us/ Chicago Now



PRAISE for the Spare Me the Talk!

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A Girl's Guide to

Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up.

Spare Me the Talk!

"A comprehensive crash course for girls in staying safe - emotionally, mentally and physically - while navigating the dager-laden world of teenage sex and sexuality in the digital age..."

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