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Jo Langford


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An encompassing guide to sexual and social development, safety and health for queer youth and ther families. Covering ALL aspects of LGBT adolescence, both online and off.


This book is - proudly - the first puberty book written with queer (and specifically trans) youth in mind.

The FIRST puberty book featuring information and tools specifically for queer youth and ther parents, guardians and other concerned adults.



  • Insight from 25 years of working with teens around sexuality.


  • LGBT-specific concepts, culture and vocabulary explained!


  • Stats and advice  for transgender youth - as well as other orientations - including social, physical and sexual dynamics of gay, lesbian, asexual, cisgender and bi youth.


  • The spectrum of queer experience from early awareness and questions through coming out/ transition, as well as future-thinking and making safe choices.


  • Detailed outlines of social, medical and legal processes involved with transition as well as what happens afterward - inclduing the controversial concepts of passing, puberty blockage and gender neutral bathrooms.


  • Tips and tools for navigating minority stress, bullying, homphobia and personal safety.


  • Dozens of resources specifically designed for queer youth.


  • A special section specifcally written for parents - including what to do (and NOT do) as a parent, professinal or other caring adult in the life of a queer child.

"...A much-needed voice on sexual orientation, gender and gender identity. There is a wealth of well-researched information that is presented in a clear, easy-to-read format. Educating yourself and your child on this integral aspect of their humanity is the first step in protecting ther sexual health."


Dr. David Breland M.D., MPH

Medical Director, Seattle Children's Gender Clinic


“LGBT teens and their parents will find information about a wide range of sexual topics that will help them make more infomed decisions about how to navigate puberty and adoescence. Jo's book is cutting-edge, with up-to-date information and current thinking about these underserved populations."


Joe Kort, Ph.D, MSW, M.A.

Author of Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician: the Essential Guide.


"...Excellent, thorough, informtive and both youth and parent-friendly. I thnk it is definitely needed within our counselors and staff, therapists and youth servce providers will also find this a valuable resource."


Brenda Newell, LICSW

Sexual Minority Specialist


"Just  few pages in, and I was already wishing I had this growing up.  Jo takes a really warm approach to some of the more complicated aspects of either being queer or raising someone who is. Regardless of your child's identity, this simply something every parent should read."


Chris Lange

Author and Artist of Capitol Hillbillies





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The Guide to

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