Parent coaching sessions

PTA lectures

for Parents of Kids 8-18

Trainings for professionals and agencies

PTA lectures

Key Note speeches

These talks are designed to help  you to understand  why and when it is  important to have conversations with the children in your life around topics such  as  Internet  safety, digital citizenship   healthy sexuality  (in general)  and  porn (specifically).  I provide information,  tips  and  tools  to  help  you navigate these conversations effectively  and  with confidence so  you  can  help  your  children  and clients make healthy choices  as they discover themselves and interact with the world.

Do you want to help the children in your life make healthy choices

as they discover themselves and interact with the world?

Jo provides tips and tools to help you

navigate these topics effectively and with confidence!

classes and workshops;

-Can be tailored to specific topics.

-Combine information, questions and conversation.

-Can accomodate larger groups such as conferences or PTA groups, or smaller groups for a smaller, more intimate, customized experience for families, neighborhoods or agencies.