Consent Etc.

From Aziz Ansari to Cosby to Kavanaugh to Weinstein, with our evolution both culturally and technologically, a new awareness about why and how we need to speak to our young people about consent is emerging. 

·    A comparison of Passive and Affirmative Consent

·    A breakdown of the biggest hurdles and potholes young people face with regard to consent, and how we can counterbalance them. 

·     Definitions and discussions of concepts such as true consent, virginity and rape culture

·     Primers on gender issues, adolescent brain development and best practices for negotiating consent with screens  

·     Plus! Tips and tricks for parents, a healthy dose of Q&A and a few fun games.


Digital Safety 101

My most popular talk!

How to balance your child/ren's digital lives with boundaries, etiquette and good judgment!

An overview of t/ween behavior in a digital age — the risks (and benefits) of online life.

A breakdown of over a dozen of the most popular social networking sites you need to know about (and at least 3 you wish you hadn't!); The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, explained!

A primer on, what I call, The 3 Big Bads; Sexting, Cyberbullying and Porn.

Plus a healthy dose of Q&A!

Digital Development

A Talk for parents of elementary school-aged children, featuring:

  • An overview of social and sexual development up to age 12, what's appropriate, what's not and how to intervene.

  • Setting limits, monitoring behavior and starting important conversations around our kid/s' relationship to tech in a connected world.

Growing up in a connected world is different than most parents' "analog" adolescence. Most kids' experience with screens is escapism, fun and games. But when does that need to shift? And how do you do that?

We need to start talking about technology and it's impact on development before we think we need to, and age 9 is great time to start shifting gears into a more thoughtful and beneficial relationship to screens.

Digital Parenting for Digital Kids

Got a kid who wants to be (or be like) the next, big YouTube Star?Then it's time to start the "Tech Talk" (or rather, "Talks"). Like the "Sex Talk/s" - these are a bunch of regular, smaller talks that focus on social media, sharing, streaming and self(ie)-esteem.


  • The Platinum Rules of behaving online with an audience

  • The Three M's of high-quality conversation about what their online interactions actually look like - a crucial triad of Maintenance, Monitoring and Mentorship that will help you up your parenting game!

Internet Safety for Families:

The 3 Things Parents Need to Know about their Kids & The Web

(Plus one more, just for fun)!

Amy & I will walk you gently through the minefield, and having you laughing along the way!

  • You'll learn how old they should be when you start talking to them about porn.

  • You'll understand the ramifications of NOT talking about it.

  • You'll know how things have changed, and thier impact on developing brains.

  • You'll have a fire lit under your butt to make the Porn Talks happen- how to set rules and start conversations.

  • You'll walk away with tips and tools for a more Internet-safe home.

"My Kid Came Out! Now What?!"

Being the best parent you can be if your kid is (or might be) queer.

Join me for an honest and humorous talk to discuss and ask questions about:

•The differences between Sex, Gender, Orientation and expression.

•The coming out process for you as well as your child

•Dealing with Friends and Family and the larger community

•Fear, grief, bias and homophobia

•Sex-Ed on the other side of the fence

There are unique dynamics involved in raising a child who is Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans or some other shade of the spectrum. This talk provides information and a road map for looking through the world through a different lens and advocating for your family in ways you might never have thought you'd need to.

It DOES Get Better, …but the how and the when of “It” starts with you.