Unflinchingly honest, unfailingly complete, immensely readable (and often funny),

Spare Me the Talk! is the first book of its kind - written specifically for by a guy for guys ages 12-24, and for parents of boys as young as 8.

The ONLY book featuring information and tools specifically for young males and their parents.


  • A breakdown of the statistical reality around current teen sexual behavior--what today's teens are actually doing!

  • A primer on abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education.

  • An overview of teen sexual activity in a digital age.

  • Detailed guidelines regarding sexual health and Internet safety.

  • The 7 things that comprise responsible social/ dating interactions.

  • Factors that impact choices (abstinece AND indulgence).

  • Dating and communication skills.

  • Tips on avoiding "Rape Culture".

  • Straightforward, boy-specifc information about sexual health, safety and care.

  • A special section specifcally written for parents!